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Additional file 5: of Combination treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer involving the novel HDAC inhibitor MPT0E028 with a MEK inhibitor beyond K-Ras status

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posted on 29.05.2019, 05:00 by Min-Wu Chao, Li-Hsun Chang, Huang-Ju Tu, Chao-Di Chang, Mei-Jung Lai, Yi-Ying Chen, Jing-Ping Liou, Che-Ming Teng, Shiow-Lin Pan
Table S1. IC50 of MPT0E028 and SAHA in pancreatic cell lines. AsPC-1, PANC-1, and BxPC-3 cells were treated with different concentrations of MPT0E028 or SAHA for 72 h. IC50 (the half maximal inhibitory concentration) was determined by MTT assay. (DOCX 12 kb)


Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan