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Additional file 5: Figure S3. of MDSINE: Microbial Dynamical Systems INference Engine for microbiome time-series analyses

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posted on 03.06.2016, 05:00 by Vanni Bucci, Belinda Tzen, Ning Li, Matt Simmons, Takeshi Tanoue, Elijah Bogart, Luxue Deng, Vladimir Yeliseyev, Mary Delaney, Qing Liu, Bernat Olle, Richard Stein, Kenya Honda, Lynn Bry, Georg Gerber
Experimental design for probiotic stability studies in gnotobiotic mice. Seven adult germ-free mice were gavaged with 13 Clostridia strains from the VE202 probiotic cocktail [24]. Five mice were maintained on a standard high-fiber diet for 5 weeks, after which mice were switched to a low-fiber diet for 2 weeks and then switched back to the high-fiber diet for another 2 weeks; an additional two mice were inoculated with the same strains but were not subjected to the low-fiber dietary perturbation. Fecal pellets were collected at days 1–21 (daily), 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35–60 (daily), 62, 63, and 65 for the five mice receiving the low-fiber dietary perturbation and at days 1–21 (daily), 23, 25, 27, and 29 for the two mice not receiving the perturbation. (PDF 42 kb)


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