Additional file 4: of Transcriptomic analysis reveals the regulatory module of apple (Malus × domestica) floral transition in response to 6-BA

Figure S2 Comparison of expression profiles of representative genes as measured by RNA-seq and qRT-PCR. Columns represent expression determined by qRT-PCR (left y-axis). (A) Relative expression was calculated using the ACTIN housekeeping gene. (B) Relative expression was calculated using the HISTONE housekeeping gene. Values represent the means Âą SE of 3 biological replicates.Lines represent expression by RNA-seq in relative to FPKM values at first sample time point (right y-axis). Circles represent 6-BA treatment group, triangle represent control group. Correlations between qRT-PCR and RNA-seq expressions were calculated and their associated P-values are indicated. (PDF 272 kb)