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Additional file 4: Figure S3. of High-throughput validation of ceRNA regulatory networks

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posted on 30.05.2017, 05:00 by Hua-Sheng Chiu, María Martínez, Mukesh Bansal, Aravind Subramanian, Todd Golub, Xuerui Yang, Pavel Sumazin, Andrea Califano
Genome wide comparison. FC comparison between Hermes, cefinder and random assay selection. Both Hermes and cefinder significantly outperform Random. Hermes outperforms cefinder at P < 5E-07 and P < 2E-44, for MCF7 and PC3, respectively; p-values based on two-sample Kolmogorov–Smirnov tests of ceRNA-target fold changes. (PDF 1033 kb)


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