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Additional file 4: Figure S2. of Longitudinal development of the gut microbiome and metabolome in preterm neonates with late onset sepsis and healthy controls

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posted on 12.07.2017, 05:00 by Christopher Stewart, Nicholas Embleton, Emma Marrs, Daniel Smith, Tatiana Fofanova, Andrew Nelson, Tom Skeath, John Perry, Joseph Petrosino, Janet Berrington, Stephen Cummings
Heatmaps of the most dominant bacterial genera per each preterm gut community type (PGCT). (A) PGCT 1. (B) PGCT 2. (C) PGCT 3. (D) PGCT 4. (E) PGCT 15. (F) PGCT 6. Genera shown in bold are dominant in that PGCT. (PDF 348 kb)


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