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Additional file 3: of New method for the mathematical derivation of the ventilatory anaerobic threshold: a retrospective study

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posted on 24.06.2019, 05:00 by Hirotaka Nishijima, Kazuyuki Kominami, Kazuo Kondo, Masatoshi Akino, Masayuki Sakurai
Supplementary Methods-1. Derivation of computation formula of expVAT. Supplementary Methods-2. Detection of outliers on exponential fitting. Supplementary figure. Description of data: Relation of VO2peak vs. %relative expVAT. Table S1. Age−/sex-matched comparisons of CPX variables. Table S2. Correlation matrix of CPX variables in Population B. Table S3. Sensitivity analysis. Supplementary material: Comparison of three modes of VAT in each subject group (Population A). (DOCX 1058 kb)