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Additional file 3: Figure S3. of Zbtb20 modulates the sequential generation of neuronal layers in developing cortex

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posted on 2016-06-09, 05:00 authored by Anton Tonchev, Tran Tuoc, Eva Rosenthal, Michèle Studer, Anastassia Stoykova
Cortical arealization in Zbtb20 lacZ/lacZ mice. (A1-C4) ISH analysis on brain sagittal sections at matched levels revealing enhancement of L5 neuronal subsets, marked by Fezf2 (A1-A4), Clim1 (B1-B4) and Id2 (C1-C4), in the Zbtb20 lacZ/lacZ mutants. The pattern of Id2 expression confirms the increase of both L6 and L5 neurons, accompanied by a drastic decrease of the ULs in the Zbtb20KO cortex at P4. Asterisk in C1/C2 points to the presumptive border between the motor (M) and somatosensory (SS) area which appears rostrally displaced in the mutant. Images in A3/A4, B3/B4 and C3/C4 correspond to a field in SS cortex (indicated by a frame in A1,B1,C1). (D1-F2) However, ISH staining for Cadherin 8 (D1-D2) and IHC labelling for Serotonin (E1-E2) and Bhlhb5 (F1-F2) on sagittal sections indicates a normal position of the M/SS border (asterisk). Scale bar: C2, 1 mm. (PDF 176 kb)