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Additional file 3 of A novel melittin nano-liposome exerted excellent anti-hepatocellular carcinoma efficacy with better biological safety

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posted on 23.06.2022, 07:41 authored by Jie Mao, Shujun Liu, Min Ai, Zhuo Wang, Duowei Wang, Xianjing Li, Kaiyong Hu, Xinghua Gao, Yong Yang
Photo of HepG2 tumors of vehicle, blank liposomes (8 mg/kg), melittin (2 mg/kg), melittin nano-liposomes (2, 4, and 8 mg/kg), and sorafenib (30 mg/kg) treated groups in the HepG2 subcutaneous transplanted tumor model. The data are presented as the mean ± SEM. Statistical significance was calculated using Student’s t test (**p ≤ 0.01; ***p ≤ 0.001). (PDF 1070 kb)


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