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Additional file 2 of Revealing RCOR2 as a regulatory component of nuclear speckles

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posted on 25.11.2021, 05:14 by Carlos Rivera, Daniel Verbel-Vergara, Duxan Arancibia, Anna Lappala, Marcela González, Fabián Guzmán, Gianluca Merello, Jeannie T. Lee, María Estela Andrés
Additional file 2: Figure S2. (A) Tissue immunofluorescence of SRRM2 (green) and RCOR2 (red) in prefrontal cortex slices. The right panels show a zoomed-in nucleus, illustrating speckles found in single nuclei of the brain tissues. (B) Biochemical fractionation of HT22 cells by sequential salt extraction of nuclear proteins. The left schematic workflow indicates the overall procedure, showing how cytosolic (S1), nuclear (P1), and chromatin fractions (P12) were obtained. For sequential nuclear extractions, nuclear extracts at different salt concentrations are labeled as N100, where N means nuclear extract and 100 means 100 mM NaCl. (C) Western blot showing the co-immunoprecipitation of SRSF7 with RCOR2 and LSD1 using HEK293T cells as input. (D) Confocal images of RCOR2 (green), SRRM2 (red), and Poly(A)-RNA (magenta) triple staining in permeabilized, mock-treated HT22 cells before fixation. The merged image includes Hoechst DNA staining.


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