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Additional file 2 of Genome-wide association study reveals the genetic architecture of root hair length in maize

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posted on 15.09.2021, 03:22 by Lin Liu, Lu-Guang Jiang, Jin-Hong Luo, Ai-Ai Xia, Li-Qun Chen, Yan He
Additional files 2: 0 Figure S2. The allele effects of significant SNPs located around representative genes for root hair length. (a–d; i-l) Regional plots showing association mapping results for SNPs located around GRMZM2G100288 (a), GRMZM2G147446 (b), GRMZM2G078013 (c), GRMZM2G000471 (d), GRMZM2G064644 (i), AC193598.3_FG002 (j), GRMZM2G180244 (k), GRMZM2G091579 (l). (e–h; m-p) Allele effects of the most significant SNPs for root hair traits. (e) GRMZM2G100288, (f) GRMZM2G147446, (g) GRMZM2G078013, (h) GRMZM2G000471, (m) GRMZM2G064644, (n) AC193598.3_FG002, (o) GRMZM2G180244, (p) GRMZM2G091579. Each dot represents an SNP. The horizontal dashed black line represents the significant threshold –log10(P) = 5.2. *Significant at P ≤ 0.05; **significant at P ≤ 0.01.



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