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Additional file 2: of Bortezomib enhances radiosensitivity in oral cancer through inducing autophagy-mediated TRAF6 oncoprotein degradation

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posted on 27.04.2018, 05:00 by Yuan-Hua Wu, Wun-Syuan Wu, Li-Ching Lin, Chiang-Shin Liu, Sheng-Yow Ho, Bour-Jr Wang, Bu-Miin Huang, Ya-Ling Yeh, Hui-Wen Chiu, Wei-Lei Yang, Ying-Jan Wang
Figure S1. Bortezomib inhibits TRAF6-mediated Akt activation. Figure S2. Combined treatment synergistically inhibits tumorigenesis of human oral cancer cells in vivo. (DOCX 2226 kb)


Medical Science and Technology Research Grant, National Cheng Kung University Hospital