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Additional file 2: Table S1. of What influences birth place preferences, choices and decision-making amongst healthy women with straightforward pregnancies in the UK? A qualitative evidence synthesis using a ‘best fit’ framework approach

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posted on 31.03.2017 by Kirstie Coxon, Alison Chisholm, Reem Malouf, Rachel Rowe, Jennifer Hollowell
CASP appraisals. Two reviewers (KC and AC) appraised included papers using the CASP qualitative checklist ( http://www.casp-uk.net/ ). The first reviewer (KC) conducted a full CASP appraisal, and a second reviewer (AC) independently conducted a modified CASP appraisal focusing on the adequacy of reporting, following Carroll et al.’s method [1]. The reviewers resolved areas of disagreement following initial reviews; these were minor and reflected variation in degree to which a paper met a given criteria, rather than conflicting views about the paper. No papers were excluded from the review on the basis of quality. (DOCX 41 kb)


Department of Health Policy Research Programme