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Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Novel prokaryotic expression of thioredoxin-fused insulinoma associated protein tyrosine phosphatase 2 (IA-2), its characterization and immunodiagnostic application

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posted on 24.11.2016 by Luciano Guerra, Natalia Faccinetti, Aldana Trabucchi, Bruno Rovitto, Adriana Sabljic, Edgardo Poskus, Ruben Iacono, Silvina Valdez
TrxIA-2ic identification by western blot in eluted fractions from size exclusion chromatography and dithiothreitol reduction analysis. WB was revealed with a rabbit polyclonal serum to IA-2ic as primary antibody. A: Identification of monomeric and dimeric forms of TrxIA-2ic. Lane 1: affinity purified TrxIA-2icfrom E. coli GI724 strain; lane 2: eluted fraction at Ve = 8.75 mL, corresponding to dimeric TrxIA-2ic; lane 3: eluted fraction at Ve = 9.79 mL, corresponding to monomeric TrxIA-2ic; B: Conversion to TrxIA-2ic monomeric form under dithiothreitol reduction. Lane 1: TrxIA-2ic under denaturalizing and reducing conditions (8 M urea and 100 mM dithiothreitol). Arrows indicate the electrophoretic mobility of monomeric TrxIA‑2ic. (PDF 186 kb)


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