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Additional file 1: of Transcriptome-wide mining, characterization, and development of microsatellite markers in Lychnis kiusiana (Caryophyllaceae)

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posted on 08.01.2019, 05:00 by Seongjun Park, Sungwon Son, Myungju Shin, Noriyuki Fujii, Takuji Hoshino, SeonJoo Park
Table S1. General information for the microsatellite analysis. Table S2. Distribution and characteristics of the microsatellites in different transcript regions. Table S3. Results of the KEGG pathway analysis. Table S4. Blast results of 9563 transcripts that contain SSRs in Lychnis leaf transcriptome. Table S5. Blast results of the 39 ORFs showing positive selection (dN/dS > 1). Table S6. Blast results of the 25 newly developed transcriptomic SSR markers. Table S7. NCBI accession numbers, primer sequences and characterization of the 25 microsatellite loci developed for Lychnis kiusiana. (DOCX 1498 kb)


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