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Additional file 1: of Sortilin inhibition limits secretion-induced progranulin-dependent breast cancer progression and cancer stem cell expansion

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posted on 20.11.2018 by Sara Rhost, Éamon Hughes, Hannah Harrison, Svanheidur Rafnsdottir, Hanna Jacobsson, Pernilla Gregersson, Ylva Magnusson, Paul Fitzpatrick, Daniel Andersson, Karoline Berger, Anders Ståhlberg, Göran Landberg
Figure S1. Progranulin is identified as a major contributor to hypoxic induction of mammosphere formation in breast cancer cell lines. Figure S2. Progranulin induces breast cancer metastases in vivo. Figure S3. The receptor sortilin is a prerequisite for progranulin-induced CSC-like propagation. Figure S4. (Left) GRN expression or (right) SORT1 expression in MCF7 cells with selected functional transcripts. Correlation co-efficient is calculated by Spearman’s correlation and p values are indicated in the figure. Figure S5. The orally bioavailable small molecule AF38469 inhibits GRN domain A-induced CSC-like propagation and disease metastasis in vivo. Table S1. Sequence list for primers used during qPCR analysis. (DOCX 24130 kb)


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