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Additional file 1 of Region-specific distribution of Olig2-expressing astrocytes in adult mouse brain and spinal cord

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posted on 23.02.2021, 05:14 by Hui Wang, Liang Xu, Chuying Lai, Kaiyu Hou, Junliang Chen, Yaowei Guo, Abhijeet Sambangi, Shreya Swaminathan, Chunming Xie, Zheng Wu, Gong Chen
Additional file 1: Table S1. Zeiss Confocal imaging acquisition parameters. Table S2. The proportion (%) of S100β+ and Sox9+ cells with Olig2 signal in different CNS regions. Figure S1. The percentage of SOX9+ cells co-labeled with Olig2 in different adult mouse CNS regions.


Charles H. "Skip" Smith