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Additional file 1 of PACS-2 deficiency in tubular cells aggravates lipid-related kidney injury in diabetic kidney disease

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posted on 23.09.2022, 03:26 authored by Chanyue Zhao, Li Li, Chenrui Li, Chengyuan Tang, Juan Cai, Yu Liu, Jinfei Yang, Yiyun Xi, Ming Yang, Na Jiang, Yachun Han, Yan Liu, Shilu Luo, Li Xiao, Lin Sun
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. The expression of PACS-2 in other organs of two groups of Mice. (A and B) Western blot and quantification of PACS-2 in the heart, skeletal muscle and liver of Pacs-2fl/fl mice and PT-Pacs-2-/- mice. ns, not significant. n = 4. Fig. S2. Gene silencing of PACS-2 increases the expression of SOAT1 in HK-2 cells. (A and B) A representative western blot and quantification of PACS-2 and SOAT1 in HK-2 cells under control environment. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. n = 4.


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