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Additional file 1 of PACER: a novel 3D plant cell wall model for the analysis of non-catalytic and enzymatic responses

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posted on 2022-03-17, 04:30 authored by Mareike Monschein, Edita Jurak, Tanja Paasela, Taru Koitto, Vera Lambauer, Mirko Pavicic, Thomas Enjalbert, Claire Dumon, Emma R. Master
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Impact of loosenin-like proteins on NpXyn11A hydrolysis of azo-xylan in solution. Figure S2. Impact of loosenin-like proteins on cellulose/azo-xylan composites. Figure S3. In-solution hydrolysis of azo-xylan by Pm25 and its mutants. Figure S4. SDS-PAGE analysis of CmXyn10B (lane 2), NpXyn11A (lane 3) and TfXyn11A (lane 4). Figure S5. Replicate cellulose/azo-xylan composites after treatment for 1-h with (A) NpXyn11A or (B) TfXyn11A.


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