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Additional file 1 of Genome-wide epigenetic analyses in Japanese immigrant plantation workers with Parkinson’s disease and exposure to organochlorines reveal possible involvement of glial genes and pathways involved in neurotoxicity

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posted on 11.07.2020 by Rodney C. P. Go, Michael J. Corley, G. Webster Ross, Helen Petrovitch, Kamal H. Masaki, Alika K. Maunakea, Qimei He, Maarit I. Tiirikainen
Additional file 1: Table S1. Distribution of DML in brain and blood between PD cases with 0 years of plantation work (n = 13) and PD cases with 10+ years of plantation work (n = 4). Table S2. DML with p < 0.001 and the number of associated annotated genes. Table S3. Distribution of DML in brain and blood between PD cases with 4+ OGCs (n = 4) and PD cases with 0–2 OGCs (n = 12) detected in brain tissue. Table S4. HumanMethylation450K BeadChip Analysis and Pyrosequencing correlation.


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