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Additional file 1: of Epsilon-Fe2O3 is a novel intermediate for magnetite biosynthesis in magnetotactic bacteria

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posted on 03.08.2019, 04:59 by Tong Wen, Yunpeng Zhang, Yuanyuan Geng, Junquan Liu, Abdul Basit, Jiesheng Tian, Ying Li, Jilun Li, Jing Ju, Wei Jiang
Figure S1. HRTEM images with high resolution and the corresponding FFT analyses of intracellular iron oxide nanoparticles in MSR-1 wild type after the induction of ferric citrate for different time interval. Figure S2. Some representative HRTEM images of epsilon-Fe2O3 and alpha-Fe2O3 used for the phase ratio determination in Fig. 5 of the main text. Table S1. Crystallographic information of the ε-Fe2O3 exhibited in Fig. 3a, Fig. 4 and the theoretical data of ε-Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 (magnetite). For further crystallographic information, people can refer to pdf card as 33–0664 for α-Fe2O3, 65–3107 for magnetite and 52–1449 for ε-Fe2O3, respectively. (DOCX 19846 kb)


National Natural Science Foundation of China