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Additional file 1 of Disentangling land model uncertainty via Matrix-based Ensemble Model Inter-comparison Platform (MEMIP)

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posted on 2022-02-08, 04:34 authored by Cuijuan Liao, Yizhao Chen, Jingmeng Wang, Yishuang Liang, Yansong Huang, Zhongyi Lin, Xingjie Lu, Yuanyuan Huang, Feng Tao, Danica Lombardozzi, Almut Arneth, Daniel S. Goll, Atul Jain, Stephen Sitch, Yanluan Lin, Wei Xue, Xiaomeng Huang, Yiqi Luo
Additional file 1: Table S1. Model information and set-ups in MEMIP. Figure S1. Matrix model validations for each branch: (a) spatial pattern of the model difference between the regular and matrix form, and (b) the pixel level correlationships. Figure S2. The C storage potential (Xp) for the 4 branches (i.e., BGC_sg, CEN_sg, BGC_ml and CEN_ml) from 1900 to 2000. Figure S3. Correlations of soil temperature and soil water potential of C-only and CN models. Values are global mean annual outputs of top 5 layers from 1900 to 2000. Figure S4. Vertical distribution of soil temperature and soil water potential for global, high latitude land (latitude > 60°) and the rest land from CEN-ML and BGC-ML. The upper panel represents soil temperature and the lower panel represents soil water potential. Figure S5. Model outputs of (a) Mineral N, (b) Soil mineral N to plant, (c) N limitation to GPP and (d) LAI for different model members. Text S1. The soil-vegetation N competition. Text S2. Structural elements in soil baseline residence time. Text S3. Distinguish the contributions of model difference from process and feedback.


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