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Additional file 1: of Development of a fluorescent probe-based recombinase polymerase amplification assay for rapid detection of Orf virus

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posted on 02.12.2015, 05:00 by Yang Yang, Xiaodong Qin, Guangxiang Wang, Yuen Zhang, Youjun Shang, Zhidong Zhang
Figure S1. Three forward primes (F1-F3), one probe and three reverse primers (R1-R3) were tested to select combinations yielding the highest analytical RPA sensitivity. The amplification results of nine different combination of primers with the exo probe ORFV RPA P (i.e. 1: F1/R1, 2: F2/R2, 3: F1/R2, 4: F2/R1, 5: F1/R3, 6: F2/R3, 7: F3/R1,8: F3/R2,9: F3/R3, 10: NC) were shown in the figure. Standard DNA of 104 genome copies were used as template. (DOCX 24 kb)