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Additional file 1: of Contrasting evolutionary origins of two mountain endemics: Saxifraga wahlenbergii (Western Carpathians) and S. styriaca (Eastern Alps)

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posted on 11.01.2019, 05:00 by Natalia Tkach, Martin Röser, Tomasz Suchan, Elżbieta Cieślak, Peter Schönswetter, Michał Ronikier
Table S1. Taxa included in the phylogenetic analysis. ENA/GenBank accession numbers are given for all ITS, trnL–trnF and rpl32–trnL Sanger sequences used in this study, followed by available ITS2 sequences obtained from NGS (without ENA/GenBank entry). They are denoted as “ITS2 variants A–D”. Missing sequence data are indicated by “NA” (not available). Voucher data (country and region, collector and collection number, herbarium code according to Thiers et al. [97]) are provided for newly generated sequences, which are in bold print. MR: herbarium of G. & S. Miehe deposited at the Institute of Geography, University Marburg, Germany. (PDF 502 kb)


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