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Additional file 1 of COVID-19 length of hospital stay: a systematic review and data synthesis

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posted on 03.09.2020 by Eleanor M. Rees, Emily S. Nightingale, Yalda Jafari, Naomi R. Waterlow, Samuel Clifford, Carl A. B. Pearson, CMMID Working Group, Thibaut Jombart, Simon R. Procter, Gwenan M. Knight
Additional file 1 List of search terms. Supplementary Table A. Description of information extracted from included studies. Fig SA: LoS by disease severity. Fig SB: LoS by study median age. Fig SC: LoS by outcome status. Fig SD: Summary distributions for China/other and total/ICU. Fig SE: Sensitivity of length of stay (LoS) with and without overlapping populations removed. Fig SF: Sensitivity analysis of summary distributions to weighting.