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Additional file 1 of An injectable, in situ forming and NIR-responsive hydrogel persistently reshaping tumor microenvironment for efficient melanoma therapy

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posted on 2023-11-20, 05:40 authored by Han Zhang, Liangshan Hu, Wei Xiao, Yanqiong Su, Donglin Cao
Additional file 1: Fig. S1 PXRD analysis of MnO2 nanosheet. Fig. S2 Toxicity of the SA with different concentrations toward HUVEC cells. Fig. S3 Rheological behavior analysis of MD@SA hydrogel under different frequencies. Fig. S4 SEM images of MD@SA hydrogel with different loading ratio of MD. Fig. S5 In vitro release profiles of DOX from MD@SA hydrogel with or without 808 nm laser irradiation. Fig. S6 The hemolysis test of MD@SA hydrogel. Fig. S7 HE staining of organs harvested from MD@SA hydrogel treated mice. Fig. S8 The photothermal stability of the MD@SA hydrogel after 30 min of NIR irradiation. Fig. S9 Heating and cooling curve of MD@SA hydrogel solution under 808 nm laser irradiation (1.0 W/cm2). Fig. S10 (a) Intracellular GSH levels of B16F10 cells with the treatments of PBS, DOX, MD@SA, and MD@SA + NIR irradiation, respectively. (b) Quantification analysis of the fluorescent intensity based on Fig. S10a. Fig. S11 The intracellular oxygen concentration of B16F10 cells after adding MD@SA hydrogel using PBS, DOX, and SA as control. Fig. S12 The DOX uptake of B16F10 cells with different treatments. Fig. S13 The fluorescent intensity of B16F10 cells with different treatments in Tunel assays. Fig. S14 Schematic illustration of cancer cell apoptosis induced by MD@SA hydrogel. Fig. S15 HE staining of organs harvested from mice treated with various formulations. Fig. S16 Quantification analysis of the (a) HIF-1α, (b) Tunel, and (c,d) the proportion of CD86+ and CD206+ cells of the immunofluorescence staining. Fig. S17 Quantification analysis of immunohistochemistry staining score in the tumor tissues. Table S1. Blood tests of mice treated with MD@SA hydrogel


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