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Additional file 1 of A universal in silico V(D)J recombination strategy for developing humanized monoclonal antibodies

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posted on 2022-02-01, 04:54 authored by Yuan-Chin Hsieh, Jun-min Liao, Kuo-Hsiang Chuang, Kai-Wen Ho, Shih-Ting Hong, Hui-Ju Liu, Bo-Cheng Huang, I-Ju Chen, Yen-Ling Liu, Jaw-Yuan Wang, Hsiang-Lin Tsai, Yu-Cheng Su, Yen-Tseng Wang, Tian-Lu Cheng
Additional file 1. Supplementary information: Table S1. Calculated wRMSDi values of the anti-EGFR a4.6.1 mAb and experimental results. Figure S1. Correlation of wRMSDi with the log(EC50) of the anti-EGFR a4.6.1 mAb. Table S2. Calculated wRMSDi values of the anti-GPC3 YP9.1 scFv and experimental results. Figure S2. Correlation of wRMSDi with the log(EC50) of the anti-GPC3 YP9.1 scFv. Table S3. Calculated wRMSDi values and experimental results of the humanized anti-α4β1 integrin variants. Figure S3. Correlation of wRMSDi with the log(EC50) of humanized anti-α4β1 integrin variants. Table S4. Correlation between RMSDi and log(EC50) or log(KD) with and without weighting adjustments.


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan National Health Research Institutes Academia Sinica Ministry of Education Kaohsiung Medical University