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Additional file 1: Figures S1–S5. of miR-17-92 facilitates neuronal differentiation of transplanted neural stem/precursor cells under neuroinflammatory conditions

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posted on 27.08.2016, 05:00 by Susu Mao, Xiuhua Li, Jin Wang, Xin Ding, Chenyu Zhang, Liang Li
Figure S1. Characterization of the NSCs. Figure S2. Effect of LIF and CNTF on differentiation of NSCs. Figure S3. miR-17-92 members directly target the 3′UTR of CNTFR or GP130. Figure S4. Bioinformatics analysis of miR-17-92 cluster members binding sites within CNTFR, GP130, JAK2, and STAT3. Figure S5. Traumatic brain injury. (PDF 558 kb)


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