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Additional file 10 of Cis-regulatory analysis of Onecut1 expression in fate-restricted retinal progenitor cells

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posted on 20.03.2020 by Sruti Patoori, Nathalie Jean-Charles, Ariana Gopal, Sacha Sulaiman, Sneha Gopal, Brian Wang, Benjamin Souferi, Mark M. Emerson
Additional File 10. Individual bHLH factors are not sufficient to increase numbers of early retinal cell types. E5 chick retinae were electroporated with CAG::bHLH constructs and CAG::Bgal as an electroporation control and cultured for two days before being processed for immunohistochemistry. Retinal sections were stained with DAPI (nuclei), Bgal (electroporated cells) and cell-type specific markers. Percentages were calculated using the number of cells marked by each factor out of the total number of Bgal(+) cells. Error bars represent 95% confidence intervals. Each point represents a biological replicate.


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