MOESM8 of Inhibiting PAD2 enhances the anti-tumor effect of docetaxel in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells

Additional file 8. Figure S8. CCK8 assay showing passively activating mTOR by MHY1485 reversed the inhibiting effect of docetaxel on viability of PAD2 knockdown (a) or miR-125b-5p overexpression (b) MCF7/TamR cells. shCon: shRNA control MCF7/TamR cells; shPAD2: PAD2 knockdown cells; EV con: Empty vector pQXCIP overexpression MCF7/TamR cells; miR-125b-5p: miR-125b-5p overexpression cells; Doc: docetaxel; PBS was used as a control. (*P < 0.05).