MOESM1 of Chicken interferome: avian interferon-stimulated genes identified by microarray and RNA-seq of primary chick embryo fibroblasts treated with a chicken type I interferon (IFN-α)

Additional file 1. Table of curated ChISGs identified by individual or multiple technologies. (1) An asterisk indicates a Gene ID not annotated in ENSEMBL. (2) Technologies identifying significant IRGs are listed as ‘1’ RNA-seq (using Kal’s Z test); ‘2’ Affymetrix 32K GeneChip Chicken Genome Array and ‘3’ Chicken Gene 1.0 ST Array’. ChISGs significant by one or both microarrays and RNA-seq using Kal’s Z test under relaxed criteria (FC > 2.5 or FDR < 0.05) are indicated by ‘(1)’. A plus after the technology identifier indicates that IFN-induced RNA-seq read density was observed at the location of the unannotated gene. (3) Indicates whether homologues of the ChISG identified are listed in the Interferome website as induced by interferon in Homo sapiens (Hs), Mus musculus (Mm), both (Hs/Mm), or neither (***).