Additional file 8: Figure S7. of Oxalobacter formigenes-associated host features and microbial community structures examined using the American Gut Project

β-Diversity of 824 samples based on Bray–Curtis dissimilarities, by number of O. formigenes OTUs detected. Panels A–D. Visualization of β-diversity ordination through PCoA of all 824 samples meeting the inclusion criteria (Additional file 5: Table S2) (A), 604 US samples (B), 144 UK or Ireland samples (C), the rest of the 70 samples (D). Samples with 0, 1, or 2 O. formigenes OTUs are represented in blue, green, and red dots. Ellipses were drawn with ggplot2 stat_ellipse function using multivariate t-distribution. By Adonis test, *p value <0.05. Panels E–H. Bar plots (mean ± S.E.M) of intra- and intergroup pairwise sample distance by Bray–Curtis dissimilarities for all (E), 604 US (F), and 144 UK or Ireland (G) samples or for the remaining 70 samples (H). By Bonferroni-corrected t tests, *p < 0.05. (PDF 158 kb)