Additional file 6: of Comparative analysis of single-stranded DNA donors to generate conditional null mouse alleles

Figure S3. A, B. Examples of mutagenized loxP sites identified upon TA cloning PCR products from loxP PCR reactions and Sanger sequencing resulting clones from founder mice. (A) Example of truncated loxP site, and missing sgRNA target sequence in HDR founder from Mbd2 5’ loxP site targeting. (B) Examples of base changes and deletions in three different founders from Il1rl1 5’ loxP site targeting. Endogenous sequence in blue, sgRNA target site (split) in black underline, BamHI sequence in gold, loxP sequence in green, PAM site in red underline. (B) Copy number data from TaqMan® Copy Number assays for Slc2a12 and Smc1a (paired ssODN conditional null targeting attempts) and Eif2s2 and Cd44 (single lssDNA conditional null targeting attempts) using N1 progeny from a single founder (PDF 63 kb)