Additional file 5: Figure S2. of Delta-like 4/Notch signaling promotes Apc Min/+ tumor initiation through angiogenic and non-angiogenic related mechanisms

Confirmation of Dll4 knockout in endothelial-specific and ubiquitous Dll4 Apc Min/+ mutant tumors. RT-PCR analysis of the Dll4/Notch effector Hey2 relative expression in the Apc Min/+ endoDll4 -/- intestinal tumors and of Dll4 relative expression in the Apc Min/+ ubiqDll4 -/- intestinal tumors, both from mice at 18 weeks of age. One experiment with n = 3 per group. The expression of Hey2 and Dll4 was normalized to Pecam-1. *P < 0.05. (PDF 71 kb)