Additional file 1: of NF-κB upregulates glutamine-fructose-6-phosphate transaminase 2 to promote migration in non-small cell lung cancer

Is one collated pdf file containing: Table S1. shRNA and siRNA sequences. Table S2. RT-qPCR primer sequences for H. sapiens. Table S3. Antibody sources. Table S4. ChIP-PCR primer sequences corresponding to the GFPT2 gene. Table S5. Metabolic genes upregulated during EMT. Figure S1. RT-qPCR analysis confirms the upregulation of metabolic genes. Figure S2. RT-qPCR analysis of GFPT1 in NSCLC following TNF/TGFβ stimulation. Figure S3. GFPT2 is regulated by NF-κB and SIRT6. Figure S4. Expression of mesenchymal genes and cell migration following knockdown of GFPT2. Figure S5. Overall Survival and Disease-Free Survival. (PDF 711 kb)