Additional file 1: of A simple approach for rapid and cost-effective quantification of extracellular vesicles using a fluorescence polarization technique

Figure S1. The standard curve obtained from EXOCET exosome quantification kit. Figure S2. The optimization of incubation time between C12-FAM and EVs. Figure S3. Characterization of TCMK-1 EVs. (A and B) SEM image of EVs. (C) Size distribution of EVs. Figure S4. The effect of chemical precipitant for the accurate quantification of EVs. 1 and 2 indicate the samples for EVs + C12-FAM and EVs + C12-FAM + Exoquick precipitation solution, respectively. The number of EVs is 6.5 × 109/mL. Figure S5. The quantification of EVs isolated from serum. EVs isolated from serum were split into two, which were measured by our FP method (1) and EXOCET (2), respectively. Table S1. The accuracy of FP-based EV quantification with TCMK-1 EVs. Table S2. Comparison of our method with the commercial one. (DOC 145 kb)