MOESM7 of Identification of two mutation sites in spike and envelope proteins mediating optimal cellular infection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus from different pathways

Additional file 7. Multiple amino acid sequence alignment of the determinant region for PEDV trypsin-dependent entry. A schematic overview of the S2 domain is referred to as the SARS-CoV. FP, fusion peptide; HR1 and HR2, heptad repeat regions; S2′ site (R895), location of putative cleavage site within the S2 subunit; drawn to scale. Virus abbreviations (and GenBank accession numbers) were as follows: SARS-CoV (Tor2, NP_828851.1), DR13 (JQ023161.1), ca-DR13 (JQ023162.1), CV777 (AF353511.1). The Y977H was the only site that differed the trypsin-independent strains (ca-DR13 and 85-7 strain) from the trypsin-dependent strains (DR13 and CV777).