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MOESM6 of Comparative genome analyses reveal the unique genetic composition and selection signals underlying the phenotypic characteristics of three Chinese domestic goat breeds

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posted on 27.11.2019, 04:38 by Jiazhong Guo, Jie Zhong, Li Li, Tao Zhong, Linjie Wang, Tianzeng Song, Hongping Zhang
Additional file 6: Figure S1. Summary of genome-wide π values and ROH in six goat populations (CB, JT, TC, MD, MN, and Bezoar ibex). (a) Genome-wide π values in 10-kb sliding windows in these six goat populations. (b) Genomic patterns of homozygosity in these six goat populations. The total length of the genome covered by ROH and the total number of ROH are plotted on the x- and y- axes, respectively. (c) The proportions of ROH numbers with different ROH sizes (0–250 kb, 250–500 kb, 500–1000 kb, and > 1000 kb) in these six goat populations.


Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China