MOESM4 of Optimization of secretion and surface localization of heterologous OVA protein in mycobacteria by using LipY as a carrier

Additional file 4: Figure S3. Secretion analysis of LipY-OVA in M. bovis BCG. LipYtub and LipY-OVA constructs were expressed in BCG. Whole cell lysate (WCL), genapol pellet (GP), genapol supernatant (GS) and culture filtrate (CF) were collected and analyzed on western blot. Proteins were visualized by anti-HA-tag and anti-GroEL2 (cytosolic control). Proteins in genapol supernatant were only visible after long exposure (exposure time pellet fraction = 0.3 s, surface-enriched fraction = 10 s). Total amount of HA-labeled protein was calculated for each blot separately.