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MOESM12 of Histone modifications rather than the novel regional centromeres of Zymoseptoria tritici distinguish core and accessory chromosomes

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posted on 01.10.2015 by Klaas Schotanus, Jessica Soyer, Lanelle Connolly, Jonathan Grandaubert, Petra Happel, Kristina Smith, Michael Freitag, Eva Stukenbrock
Additonal file 12: Figure S5. Subtelomeric regions of Z. tritici core (Chr 1 to 13) and accessory (Chr 14 to 21) chromosomes contain the same families of repetitive elements and TEs. Repeat families are labeled as described previously [12]. RIL 2 repeats make up the majority of all subtelomeric elements on both chromosome types (see also Table S5).