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Additional file 9: of Comparative proteomic analysis of QTL CTS-12 derived from wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.), in the regulation of cold acclimation and de-acclimation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in response to severe chilling stress

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posted on 10.08.2018, 05:00 by Weijian Cen, Jianbin Liu, Siyuan Lu, Peilong Jia, Kai Yu, Yue Han, Rongbai Li, Jijing Luo
Profile model analysis of all DEPs identified during the whole period of the chilling and recovery treatment of DC90 and 9311. The number at the bottom-left corner represents the number of DEPs assigned to the corresponding model. Colored profiles indicate a statistically significant number of genes assigned to that category. P < 0.05 was set as the significance level with Bonferroni correction. (TIF 6209 kb)


National Natural Science Foundation of China (CN)