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Additional file 9: Figure S5. of MUNC18–1 gene abnormalities are involved in neurodevelopmental disorders through defective cortical architecture during brain development

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posted on 30.11.2017, 05:00 by Nanako Hamada, Ikuko Iwamoto, Hidenori Tabata, Koh-ichi Nagata
Localization of N-Cadherin in Syntaxin1A-deficient migrating neurons. (a) E14.5 cerebral cortices were electroporated with pCAG-RFP plus pCAG-HA-N-Cadherin together with pSuper-H1.shLuc (i) or sh-Stx1A (ii). Coronal sections were prepared at E18.0 and immunostained for HA-tag. Bar, 5 μm. (b) Quantification of N-Cadherin accumulation at Golgi. The ratio of RFP-positive cells with the accumulation was calculated for migrating neurons in the lower CP in (a). Error bars indicate SD. (Control, n = 6; sh-Stx1A, n = 6) (c) Quantification of fluorescence intensity profiles of cell surface N-Cadherin across the cell bodies of control (blue) and the deficient neurons (red). Means +/− SEM (Control, 42 neurons; sh-Stx1A, 70 neurons). (TIFF 26845 kb)


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