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Additional file 8: of miR-519a enhances chemosensitivity and promotes autophagy in glioblastoma by targeting STAT3/Bcl2 signaling pathway

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posted on 29.05.2018, 05:00 by Hong Li, Lei Chen, Jun-jie Li, Qiang Zhou, Annie Huang, Wei-wen Liu, Ke Wang, Liang Gao, Song-tao Qi, Yun-tao Lu
Figure S6. Effects of 3-MA, rapamycin(Rapa), and/or their combination with TMZ on the viability of U87-MG/TMZ and U87-MG cells. a Rapamycin is not able to affect the viability of U87MG/TMZ cells. b 3-MA is not able to affect the viability of U87MG. Each bar represents the mean ± s.d. of three independent experiments. NS > 0.05,*p < 0.05. (TIF 538 kb)


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