Additional file 8: of Evaluation of pancreatic cancer cell migration with multiple parameters in vitro by using an optical real-time cell mobility assay device

The TAXIScan assay. A) Schematic diagram (sagittal section) of one channel of the TAXIScan chamber. The chamber is filled with the chemotaxis buffer (light brown color). Cells are located on the one side of the micro-channel and the chemoattractant (red color) is placed on the other side of the micro-channel. B) Schematic diagram (sagittal section) of the micro-channel. The chemoattractant is defused in the micro-channel, which forms the stable concentration gradient. Cells on the matrix-coated coverslip migrates towards the gradient of the chemoattractant in the micro-channel. C) Photograph of cells migrating towards the chemoattractant. The image is taken from underneath of the TAXIScan chamber. (TIFF 98112 kb)