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Additional file 7 of Development and evaluation of the focused assessment of sonographic pathologies in the intensive care unit (FASP-ICU) protocol

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posted on 25.11.2021, 05:14 by Stefan Schmidt, Jana-Katharina Dieks, Michael Quintel, Onnen Moerer
Additional file 7. Proportion of patients with hypovolemia detected using the FASP-ICU protocol. Hypovolemia was assessed according to three criteria: 1 – inferior vena cava (IVC) assessment (respiratory variations in IVC diameter); 2 – right ventricular dimensions and flow measurements; 3 – left ventricular dimensions and flow measurements (intracardiac hypovolemia was diagnosed when ventricular collapse, the papillary muscle kissing sign or more elaborate signs, such as very small end-diastolic areas and velocity time integral (VTI) variations in the left ventricular outflow tract, were present). In the assessment of hypovolemia, single values should be used with care. They are assumed to have low sensitivities and specificities for diagnosing hypovolemia in ICU patients, especially single IVC assessments, which have a number of confounders and limitations. As there are no validated ultrasound criteria for hypovolemia in ICU patients, we recommend using a combination of ultrasound and non-ultrasound assessments until further evidence becomes available.


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