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Additional file 6 of RNA dependent suppression of C9orf72 ALS/FTD associated neurodegeneration by Matrin-3

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posted on 2020-11-01, 04:44 authored by Nandini Ramesh, Elizabeth L. Daley, Amanda M. Gleixner, Jacob R. Mann, Sukhleen Kour, Darilang Mawrie, Eric N. Anderson, Julia Kofler, Christopher J. Donnelly, Evangelos Kiskinis, Udai Bhan Pandey
Deletion in functional domains of MATR3 do not cause external eye degeneration. (A) Representative western blot of full-length MATR3 and deletion variants: ΔRRM1, ΔRRM2, ΔZF1 and ΔZF2. α-tubulin was used as loading control. Deletion variants are lower in size compared to full-length MATR3. (B) Representative images Drosophila eyes from flies expressing MATR3 deletion variants that showed normal (non-degenerative) eye phenotype