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Additional file 6: of Probabilistic modeling of personalized drug combinations from integrated chemical screen and molecular data in sarcoma

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posted on 2019-06-17, 05:00 authored by Noah Berlow, Rishi Rikhi, Mathew Geltzeiler, Jinu Abraham, Matthew Svalina, Lara Davis, Erin Wise, Maria Mancini, Jonathan Noujaim, Atiya Mansoor, Michael Quist, Kevin Matlock, Martin Goros, Brian Hernandez, Yee Doung, Khin Thway, Tomohide Tsukahara, Jun Nishio, Elaine Huang, Susan Airhart, Carol Bult, Regina Gandour-Edwards, Robert Maki, Robin Jones, Joel Michalek, Milan Milovancev, Souparno Ghosh, Ranadip Pal, Charles Keller
Figure S6. STRINGdb visualizations of protein-protein interaction networks implicated by PTIM models. The protein-protein interaction networks here are derived from targets selected to define drug sensitivity during PTIM modeling. Edges in the STRINGdb graph represent confidence of interactions based on data from multiple published sources. Edges with confidence > 0.9 are represented on the graph. The asterisk indicates targets validated in vitro. (A) Network of the set of targets common to the models developed for the GSK Orphan Kinome screen and the PPTI screen. Enrichment p-value < 0.01. (B) Network of the targets identified by the GSK Orphan Kinome screen alone. Enricment p-value < 0.01. (TIF 27210 kb)


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