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Additional file 6 of Biogeographical survey of soil microbiomes across sub-Saharan Africa: structure, drivers, and predicted climate-driven changes

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posted on 2022-08-23, 03:33 authored by DA Cowan, PH Lebre, CER Amon, RW Becker, HI Boga, A Boulangé, TL Chiyaka, T Coetzee, PC de Jager, O Dikinya, F Eckardt, M Greve, MA Harris, DW Hopkins, HB Houngnandan, P Houngnandan, K Jordaan, E Kaimoyo, AK Kambura, G Kamgan-Nkuekam, TP Makhalanyane, G Maggs-Kölling, E Marais, H Mondlane, E Nghalipo, BW Olivier, M Ortiz, LR Pertierra, J-B Ramond, M Seely, I Sithole-Niang, A Valverde, G Varliero, S Vikram, DH Wall, A Zeze
Additional file 6. Figure S6. A-priori ecological model tested using SEM. MAP and MAP are represented as exogenous variables (black rectangles), soil chemistry and vegetation index are represented as endogenous variables (blue rectangles), while the Shannon diversity and abundance of PGPT are represented as response variables (green rectangles). The color and direction of the arrows represent the nature and direction of the causal relationships between variables: red – negative relationship; black – positive relationship.


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