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Additional file 6: of BMP-dependent, injury-induced stem cell niche as a mechanism of heterotopic ossification

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posted on 2019-01-11, 05:00 authored by Chen Kan, Na Ding, Jiazhao Yang, Zhenya Tan, Tammy McGuire, Haimei Lu, Keqin Zhang, Diana Berger, John Kessler, Lixin Kan
Figure S4. LRC cells co-labeled with typical MSC markers. In the early stages of the lesion (A&C), and proposed niche (B&D), many CldU+/IdU− (quiescent stem cells) co-labeled with Stro1(A&B) and S100A4 (C&D). A-D are on the same scale, Bar = 50 μm. (TIF 9632 kb)


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