Additional file 5 of miR-1323 suppresses bone mesenchymal stromal cell osteogenesis and fracture healing via inhibiting BMP4/SMAD4 signaling

Additional file 5: Figure S2. Osteogenic differentiation is modulated by miR-1323 via the BMP4/SMAD4 pathway. (A, B) Human mesenchymal stromal cells were infected with lentivirally (LV)-delivered LV-SMAD4, LV-BMP4, or negative control (LV-NC) and co-transfected with either miR-1323 mimics or NC mimics seven days following osteoblastic differentiation induction. SMAD4, BMP4, RUNX2, ALP, and Col I levels were measured with Western blot. (C) ALP activity levels measure with ALP staining. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01 [vs. NC mimics+LV-NC]; †P < 0.05, ††P < 0.01 [vs. miR-1323 mimics+LV-NC]. Data presented as means ± SEMs. All in vitro experiments: 3 biological replicates × 3 technical replicates.