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Additional file 5 of Tetraspanin CD82 is necessary for muscle stem cell activation and supports dystrophic muscle function

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posted on 2020-11-27, 04:52 authored by Arielle Hall, Tatiana Fontelonga, Alec Wright, Katlynn Bugda Gwilt, Jeffrey Widrick, Alessandra Pasut, Francesco Villa, Cynthia K. Miranti, Devin Gibbs, Evan Jiang, Hui Meng, Michael W. Lawlor, Emanuela Gussoni
Additional file 5: Supplementary Figure 5. (A, B) Myogenic cells from mdx5cv and CD82-/-:mdx5cv mice were plated at the same density and induced to form myotubes. At day 5 following differentiation, cultures were immunostained for myosin heavy chain (red) to quantify the fusion index. (C) Quantification of fusion index shows significantly decreased fusion in CD82-/-:mdx5cv compared to mdx5cv cultures *p<0.05. (D) Quantification of non-adherent cells in mdx5cv and CD82-/-:mdx5cv cultures show no significant difference in their number up to 72 hrs following isolation.


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